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If you live in the Washington area, you must love a good argument, and if you're visiting this Website, you must love films. So what can top a heated argument about movies? One of the charms of film is it's subjectivity - there is no clear right or wrong. Someone could claim that Steven Seagal has more talent than Robert De Niro. You could question this person's judgement, intelligence, or even their very existence, but you could not offer any hard proof to refute their claim. Box office, reviews, and Oscars merely reflect the opinions, beliefs and prejudices of certain viewers, be it a select group or the public at large.

Let us celebrate our differences. The Washington D.C. Film Society consistently provides an opportunity to for spirited debates about film through venues such as the monthly Cinema Lounge. My goal is to encourage further argument and rancor through Adam's Rib, a new regular column. Unlike most of my past essays, Adam's Rib will not include reviews of a single film, but my take on anything from a group of films to larger film issues. I might comment on the Oscars or why Keanu Reeves keeps finding work. I hope that this will not just be me spouting off, but you spouting right back. That's the fun. So whether you agree, disagree, or believe that I should be barred from movie theaters, please let me know. E-mail me and I will make sure your views are posted, along with my response (you know I need to have the last word).


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