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Monday, February 19, 2018
Topic: "Sex on Film"
Only five days after Valentine's, please join the Cinema Lounge, the DC Film Society's monthly film discussion group, as we tackle sex on film.

In its earliest days, Hollywood films were pretty open about sex for their time. Then in the 1930s, under threat of outside censorship, studios stuck to the "Hays Code" severely limiting what could be shown or discussed on screen. Clever filmmakers had to learn to go around the Code, implying and suggesting but going no further.

In the 1950s, American theatergoers started seeking out foreign films, in part because they could show much more than Hollywood fare. Finally, in the late 60s, after years of weakening, the Code was revoked, replaced by the MPAA ratings system.

Fifty years later, we can argue about how much freedom filmmakers truly do have. Also, with all that's available online, has sex on film lost its power? Is it provocative or merely titillating?

Daniel Vovak, 1972-2011.

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