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The Cinema Lounge

The next meeting of the Cinema Lounge will be on Monday, January 17 at 7:00pm. The topic to be discussed is "Oscar Predictions."

The Cinema Lounge, a film discussion group, meets the third Monday of every month at 7:00pm at
Barnes and Noble, 555 12th St., NW in Washington, DC (near the Metro Center Metro stop). You do not need to be a member of the Washington DC Film Society to attend. Cinema Lounge is moderated by Daniel R. Vovak, ghostwriter with Greenwich Creations.

Vote for The Best of 2010

The Washington DC Film Society announces the 10th annual vote for the Best of 2010. This is your chance to tell us what you think are the best films, director and performers of 2010. It is not an Oscar opinion poll. All ballots will be entered in a drawing for great prizes.

Make your choices for (1) Best Film, (2) Best Director, (3) Best Actor, (4) Best Actress, (5) Best Supporting Actor, (6) Best Supporting Actress, and (7) Best Foreign Language Film.
More information is here and you can review the rules here. Watch your e-mail for voting instructions.

Coming Attractions Winter Trailer Program

This story will be posted soon.

We Need to Hear From YOU

We are always looking for film-related material for the Storyboard. Our enthusiastic and well-traveled members have written about their trips to the Cannes Film Festival, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, London Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, the Palm Springs Film Festival, the Reykjavik Film Festival, the Munich Film Festival, and the Locarno Film Festival. We also heard about what it's like being an extra in the movies. Have you gone to an interesting film festival? Have a favorite place to see movies that we aren't covering in the Calendar of Events? Seen a movie that blew you away? Read a film-related book? Gone to a film seminar? Interviewed a director? Taken notes at a Q&A? Read an article about something that didn't make our local news media? Send your contributions to Storyboard and share your stories with the membership. And we sincerely thank all our contributors for this issue of Storyboard.

Calendar of Events


American Film Institute Silver Theater
The AFI is showing first-run movies this month, but there are two special events. On January 13 at 7:00pm is John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums (Bruce Herschensohn, 1966) with George Stevens, Jr. present to introduce the film. This documentary was named one of the Ten Best Films of the Year by the National Board of Review. On January 17 is King: A Filmed Record-Montgomery to Memphis (Sidney Lumet and Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1970), a compilation of documentary footage. See the website for more information.

Freer Gallery of Art
The Iranian Film Festival 2011 is now in its 15th year. Two films are shown in January and more in February. On January 21 at 7:00pm and January 23 at 2:00pm is The White Meadows (Mohammad Rasoulof, 2009) and on January 28 at 7:00pm and January 30 at 2:00pm is My Tehran for Sale (Granaz Moussavi, 2009).

Shown as part of "Global Lens 2011" is Dooman River (Zhang Lu, 2010) from Korea, a look at the Korean diaspora.

National Gallery of Art
"Stories from a Russian Province" is a series of documentary films reflecting on the psychological impact of the change brought about by the collapse of the Soviet Union twenty years ago. On January 8 at 2:00pm is The Mother (Antoine Cattin and Pavel Kostomarov, 2007) shown with Countryside 35x45 (Evgeny Solomin, 2009). On January 9 at 5:00pm is Vacation in November (Pavel Medvedev, 2002) shown with Wild, Wild Beach(Alexander Rastorguev, Vitaly Mansky and Susanna Baranzhieva, 2006) with director Vitaly Mansky in person. On January 15 at 2:00pm is Civil Status (Alina Rodnitskaya, 2005) shown with Bliss (Vitaly Mansky, 1996) and Flight of the Bumblebee (Yury Schiller, 1998). On January 16 at 4:30pm is Tiny Katerina (Ivan Golovnev, 2004) shown with The Holidays (Marina Razbezhkina, 2005) and Fisherman and the Dancer (Valery Solomin, 2005). On January 23 at 4:00pm is The Settlement (Sergei Loznitsa, 2001) shown with Life As It Is (Marina Razbezhkina, 2002) and Who Mows at Night? (Gerasim Degaitsev, 1990).

"Neorealismo 1941-1954: Days of Glory" is a series of Italian neorealism films from eight directors. On January 8 at 4:30pm is Days of Glory (Luchino Visconti and others, 1945); on January 15 at 4:30pm is Ossessione (Luchino Visconti, 1942); on January 28 at 2:30pm is Shoeshine (Vittorio De Sica and others, 1946); on January 29 at 2:00pm is Bitter Rice (Giuseppe De Santis, 1949); on January 29 at 4:30pm is Under the Sun of Rome (Renato Castellani, 1947); and on January 30 at 4:30pm is Paisan (Roberto Rossellini, 1946). More in February.

A special event, a Cine-Concert is on January 2 at 4:30pm with 3epkano accompanies The Diary of a Lost Girl (G.W. Pabst, 1929).

National Museum of the American Indian
Reel Injun (Neil Diamond, 2009) is a documentary about the Hollywood Indian from the silent era through today. Shown at 12:30pm and 3:30pm every day throughout January.

Smithsonian American Art Museum
On January 13 at 6:00pm is Them! (Gordon Douglas, 1954) a science fiction film about giant ants. This complements the exhibition Alexis Rockman: A Fable for Tomorrow.

Washington Jewish Community Center
On January 11 at 7:30pm is Wrong Side of the Bus (Rod Freedman), a documentary about a professor of psychiatry who returns to South Africa where he grew up. On January 23 at 3:00pm is For Once in My Life, a documentary about musicians with physical and mental disabilities.

Arlington Central Library
On January 13 at 6:30pm is 1981 (Ricardo Trogi, 2009), a coming of age comedy about a new student trying to fit in at his school.

Goethe Institute
"Made in West/East Germany," a film series to commemorate the 20th anniversary of German unification ends this month. Each screening compares one film from the East with one from the West; discussion of the films and the topics will take place after the film screenings on the second evening of each pairing. The first four subjects took place in November and December. The final subject is "Before the Wall: East/West Germany in the 50s." On January 3 at 4:00pm is Sky Without Stars (Helmut Kautner, 1955) paired with A Berlin Romance (Gerhard Klein, 1956) at 6:30pm. The films are repeated in reverse order on January 10--A Berlin Romance is at 4:00pm and Sky Without Stars is at 6:30pm. Discussion follows with Gregor Peter Schmitz, US Correspondent, Spiegel.

Starting January 31 and continuing into February is "Best of Input," programs from public TV. There are three programs about Berlin. On January 31 at 6:30pm is a set of three short films: Rabbits a la Berlin (nominated for an Oscar last year), Esterhazy and 24 Hours Berlin-A Day in the Life. More in February.

The 19th annual Film | Neu is a series of 10 new films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. See the website for titles and times.

National Geographic Society
On January 13 at 7:00pm is The Way Back (Peter Weir, 2010) inspired by the book "The Long Walk" by Slawomir Rawicz. Peter Weir will be present for discussion.

French Embassy
On January 28 at 7:00pm is The Clink of Ice (Bertrand Blier, 2010), a comedy about a man who receives a visit from his cancer.

The Japan Information and Culture Center
On January 19 at 6:30pm is a documentary, Mothers' Way, Daughters' Choice and on January 26 at 6:30pm is What the Snow Brings. See the website for more information and reservations.

On January 12 at 8:00pm is Every Other Day is Halloween (C.W. Prather), a documentary about television personality Dick Dyszel.

National Archives
In conjunction with the exhibit "Discovering the Civil War, Part Two: Consequences" is the 9-part television series by Ken Burns. The first three parts were shown in December. On January 6 is Simply Murder (1990); on January 12 is The Universe of Battle (1990); and on January 19 is The Valley of the Shadow of Death (1990). All are shown at noon.

The Avalon
This month's "Greek Panorama" film is Slaves in Their Bonds (Adonis Lykouresis, 2008) about the collapse of a noble family in the early 1900s is on January 5 at 8:00pm.

On January 12 at 8:00pm is this month's "Czech Lions" film, Pupendo (Jan Hrebejk, 2003), a comedy set during the era of "practical socialism."

This month's "French Cinematheque" film is the short version of Carlos (Olivier Assayas, 2010) on January 19 at 8:00pm.

The newest of the Avalon's Wednesday foreign film series is "Reel Israel DC" shown on the 4th Wednesday of every month starting in January 2011. The first film is The Human Resources Manager (Eran Riklis, 2010) on January 26 at 8:00pm, about the manager of a bakery who goes to Romania when one of employees, a Romanian, is killed by a suicide bomber. This film won 5 Israeli Academy Awards including Best Picture.

The Corcoran
On January 27 at 7:00pm is Joan Mitchell: Portrait of an Abstract Painter (Marion Cajori, 1993), a documentary about the painter and her art. The film is shown in conjunction with a new exhibit on modern art.

Anacostia Community Museum
On January 5 at 10:30am is We Shall Overcome: The Song That Moved a Nation, a documentary about the origins of the Civil Rights movement.

On January 23 at 2:00pm is the documentary The Language You Cry In (Angel Serrano and Alvaro Toepke, 1998).

Atlas Performing Arts
A reprise of last year's DC Shorts film festival is shown over two days. On January 28 at 9:30pm is "Best of DC Shorts Part I," on January 28 at 7:00pm is "Festival Directors' Favorites," on January 28 at 10:00pm is "Best of DC Shorts Part II," on January 29 at noon is "Free Family Films," on January 29 at 1:00pm is "Foreign Films," on January 29 at 3:00pm is "Local Filmmakers," on January 29 at 6:00pm is "Animation Sensations," on January 29 at 7:00pm is "The Comedies," on January 29 at 9:00pm is "Best of DC Shorts, Part II," and on January 29 at 10:00pm is "Best of DC Shorts, Part I."

Sixth and I Synagogue
On January 27 at 7:30pm is 9500 Liberty (Annabel Park), a documentary about immigration legislation in Northern Virginia. Film director Annabel Park will be present for Q&A.

Reel Affirmations XTra
Reel Affirmations Xtra is a once-a-month screening held at the Washington DC Jewish Community Center. Tickets are $12. January 21 at 7:00pm and 9:15pm is The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (James Kent, 2010).


Film | Neu
The 19th annual Film | Neu takes place January 21-27. Ten films will be shown from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The opening night film is Germany's 2011 Oscar pick When We Leave with director/writer Feo Aladag present for Q&A. Director Matti Geschonneck is scheduled to appear with Berlin, Boxhagener Platz and music critic Ted Libbey will discuss Mahler on the Couch. All films will be shown at Landmark's E Street Cinema.


The Woodrow Wilson Center
On January 31 at 12:00 noon is a lecture "An Alien in Moscow/An Alien in New York: The Cinema of Slava Tsukerman" by Peter Rollberg, Professor of Slavic Languages, Film Studies and International Affairs at George Washington University.

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